GD/LV41 Advanced Ear Diagnostic Simulator


GD/LV41 Advanced Ear Diagnostic Simulator


Advanced Ear Diagnostic Simulator


Product Description


1)  Normal auricle

2)  Injury of auricle

3)  Benign tumor of auricle

4)  Malignant tumor of auricle

5)  Normal tympanic membrane

6)  Tympanic membrane hyperemia

7)  Retracted tympanic membrane

8)  Small tympanic membrane perforation

9)  Whole tympanic membrane perforation

10)  Traumatic perforation of tympanic membrane

11)  Dry central perforation of the posterior

12)  Myringotomy with insertion of tube

13)  Bullous myringitis

14)  Herpes blisters on the tympanic membrane

15)  Eardrum Tympanosclerosis

16)  Tympanosclerosis crescentic sclerosis plaques

17)  Serous otitis media effusion

18)  Congestive early acute otitis media

19)  Acute otitis media

20)  Purulent otitis media

21)  Chronic suppurative otitis media

22)  Pearl-tumor

23)  Foreign body in ear

24)  Ear washing and drops


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