GD/Z990 Auscultation Palaption Manikin


GD/Z990 Auscultation Palaption Manikin


Patent technology design: resonance cavity structure principle makes cardiopulmonary sound fully save and keep tone.


Product Description


1. Consist of a female pelvis and two fetal heads;

2. Two fetal heads: one is full-term, the other is premature;

3. Each cranial sutures and anterior and posterior fontanels are palpable on fetal skull;.

4. Fetal heads are fixed on flexible shaft through the pelvis;

5. Can observe the position relation of the fetus and pelvis during delivery;

6. Intuitionally demonstrate the birth process of engagement, descending, flexion, internal rotation, extension, restoration, external rotation and fetal delivery;

7. Can demonstrate forceps and vaccum assisted deliveries.


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